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ALUPAYIDA 1& 2 - Yetunde Barnabas | Kemity | Akeem Ogara | Okele |Ayo Adesanya

A young lady who created a world of her own, when reality hit and life happened. Watch this masterpiece and be glad you did.

ORISA AIYE 1&2 - Yetunde Barnabas | Muyiwa Ademola | Jide Awobona | Itele

A young lady Bunmi was thrown into the River of Ayetoro to find out if she was truly innocent.. she has been accused of stealing ORISA AIYE of Ayetoro town, The powerful River goddess… This Movie will leave you captivated.

Ikarahun Mi : Apa | Mide Abiodun | Remi Surutu| Motolani Kehinde

A young lady reigns as a queen of her domain, married to power and steeped in darkness. But behind closed doors, she harbours a chilling secret: she is a formidable and merciless sister to her siblings. As her family's bonds are tested, she must confront the shadows of her being in the underworld and the ghosts that haunt her present before they consume everything she holds dear. Find out more.

Ajekunrin1& 2 : | Apa, Peju Ogunmola, Niyi Adebayo, Iya Gbokan

With the fate of both realms hanging in the balance, an enigmatic being navigates dual existences with a mission of utmost importance. As he traverses the mortal world and the shadowy depths below, he grapples with his own identity and purpose, torn between fulfilling his destiny and confronting the demons of his past when his child is born who also poses as a threat to the beings with ancient powers. Find out more.

Seyi Satani - Kenny George | Apa | Tosin Olaniyan | Mimisola Daniels

In a marriage marked by a man's ongoing disrespect for women, a twist of fate takes an eerie turn when he unknowingly ties the knot with a formidable and otherworldly being (Kenny George). As his toxic behavior meets its match in the supernatural, he must confront the consequences of his actions and navigate the haunting consequences of this unusual union.
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