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S O J 1 & 2 - Kiki Bakare | Olayinka Solomon | Ibrahim Chatta

In this latest action thrilling movie, Kiki Bakare plays the lead role as a double man whose fierceness in his career and ruthlessness in the underworld define his being till the loss of his most priced possession takes a toll on him which in turn form an uneasy alliance in his cell that will reveal his dark side as the soldier of Justice. Find out more.


Very interesting and educational movie for couples with children. Being a wife and a mother is not an easy job. As a matter of fact, it is a career that they don’t have a degree for in the university. There are no classes for being a mother either. With the natural love and bond between mothers and their children, we learn as each day passes. Mothers have to be doctors. Teachers, pastors, councillors, bankers, etc. still without a degree. Their many sacrifices are innumerable.find out more

AFEFEYEYE 1& 2 - Mercy Aigbe | Habeeb Alagbe | Debbie Shokoya

Three siblings (played by Mercy Aigbe, Debbie Shokoya and Habeeb Alagbe) have a hailing mother that is cared for only by one, they eventually lost Mama and the battle to bury her unfolds a wide range of drama. AFEFEYEYE is a drama you will enjoy.

Irin Ajo Ojokan 1& 2 - Odunlade Adekola | Yewande Adekoya |Owolabi Ajasa

Using his charm and wit to attract numerous women, a young randy man (Owolabi Ajasa) engages in a romantic fling with a lady where he finds himself in a puzzled mystic land filled with menace and fury. His life-changing experience lies with a man (Odunlade Adekola) whose livelihood is halfway in bondage. Will they find an escape route?

Aimokan - Ibrahim Chatta | Bimbo Oshin | Titilola Ajayi

A promising social media influencer is limited to his magic creation with a nagging, controlling and over-possessive wife who soon dims the superstar's light from shining.
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