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Living in the flashes of a raging encounter, the question of an inquisitive daughter to her single mother (Biola Adebayo) raises the bar when she does the unthinkable to uncover an outrageous plan in her past. In the wake of new events, an unexpected outcome resurfaced.


Agboluaje, a famous local singer who has stolen the heart of every villager remained wanted to perform on every occasion until he had a sexual encounter with the popular richest man's wife, Iyunola. Find out his fate?


Four friends struggle to make a living to no avail, they try as much as possible to make ends meet until one of them meets someone who helps him get very rich within three months. His friends beg him to show them the way but the way might end up leading them to destruction.

Omo Ara 1& 2

a young boy with extraordinary abilities becomes a force to reckon with as his words bring chaos to those who dare cross him. However, an act towards a prominent man in society begets an epic battle with a rival who seeks to upend him.


When havoc reigned in the land and peace eluded both the ordinary citizens and the powerful, the quest for permanent peace led to the usual discovery of a boy who can see the future. Did he solve the problem and make peace reign? This is a mystical, and profound story that will keep you glued to your screen.


In this Movie, three girls –Iyabo Ojo, Yetunde Bakare, and SholaKosoko, – struggle with the pressures of adulthood. They must deal with the consequences of their actions, and learn to live responsibly.

Ajihun Fopomoyo 1&2

A spiritually strong and fortified woman terrorizes her community. All efforts to make stop her evil deeds proves abortive, motivating her to do more.

Ajimati 1&2

Ajimati is being cheated and asked to step down for a more prominent, wealthy and influential person in his Political party. The tussle for leadership begins but his opponent is killed on the day of the election primaries making him a major suspect linked to the crime.


Four friends struggle to make a living to no avail, they try as much as possible to make ends meet until one of them met someone who helped him get very rich within three months. His friends beg him to show them the way but the way might end up leading them to destruction.

Agogo Aje 1& 2

Tiwalade's marriage to the King comes with a gift that brings an abundance of wealth to her husband's kingdom. Knowing her worth, she begins to misbehave and influences the king into neglecting his senior wives. In order to take back their pound of flesh, the queen conspires against her to teach her a bitter lesson.


A wife becomes a mother to his husband when She is responsible and submissive. At this time, Husband's siblings become uncomfortable and desperate about disciplining the wife for an offence she is innocent about.


Leaving a symbol as its signature, life gets cryptic with a series of bizarre encounters for some individuals in a community who gets haunted by a mystic being. As the police dive deeper into solving this puzzle and taming the mastermind, a hidden world of dark secrets unfolds.

Baoku - |Azeezat Sorunmu | Niyi Johnson | Mide Abiodun | Jamiu Azeez

A young hustler blessed with extraordinary talents is presented with a golden opportunity to stardom when her paths cross with a promising manager ( Debo Adebayo). But little does she know that her fame would require a dark reality and price.

Agbara Aje - | Ronke Odusanya | Murphy Afolabi | Joy Innocent Datowei

Bound by ancient rituals and arcane powers, a secret coven of extraordinary women's world is upturned when a target unwittingly shares a profound connection with one of their members.

Married But Single - Ronke Odusanya | Apa | Zainab Bakare|Niyi Johnson

Basking in the euphoria of their marriage, a newly married man unconsciously returned to his single lifestyle which however creates an unwelcomed atmosphere for his wife. A step to upturn his activities present a life-threatening incident for a backstory to come forth. Find out more.

MALEEKA 1& 2 - Femi Adebayo | Debby Shokoya | Ayo Olaiya

Omoyeni who despite her bad character God is using. Omoyeni involves herself in several shady deals but because the gift of God is irrevocable (according to Romans 11:29), God continues to talk to her and she continues to deliver messages to people. Just like Noah in the Bible, she has the calling of God but decides to follow the path that suits her. She came across so many people who keep influencing her negatively and who keep involving her in a lot of dirty deals. Find out the rest of the story in this interesting movie.

Jekose - Femi Adebayo | Biola Fowosere | Damola Olatunji

Gbenga brings home a village girl to court before considering her hands in marriage but he's totally dazed when the village girl begins to do things he never expected she would know. This village girl transformed to be a vocalist endorsed by the biggest record label.

JBO (JAGUDA BABA OLE) 1&2- Mercy Aigbe, Adeniyi, Ibrahim Yekini

JBO, the most wanted notorious armed criminal, is determined to confront the government, she began using her identical twin's image as a false flag operation.

Kakatu - Femi Adebayo | Yemi Elesho | Taaooma | Jumoke Odetola

Cut off from her former master, Kakatu, a young female spirit with immense powers is left to wander around aimlessly until an uncanny incident brings her closer to Nuru, an illiterate undergraduate. Their encounter births a new adventure and presents the key to returning to her world at an ultimate price. Find out more.

Kishi & Kiye - Laide Bakare | Peters Ijagbemi | Kudirat Abiola

Kiishi lets bad advice affect her relationship with her twin sister who loves her dearly. The consequences of her actions may be too grave for her to bear.
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