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OMO IYA AJE 1& 2 - Odunlade Adekola, Peju Ogunmola, Olayinka Abdulramon

Oba finds himself caught between his witch mother's enchanting mischief and his devout wife's firm faith. As the supernatural clashes with the religious, Oba must navigate the chaos to keep his family together.

ALUPAYIDA 1& 2 - Yetunde Barnabas | Kemity | Akeem Ogara | Okele |Ayo Adesanya

A young lady who created a world of her own, when reality hit and life happened. Watch this masterpiece and be glad you did.

ORISA AIYE 1&2 - Yetunde Barnabas | Muyiwa Ademola | Jide Awobona | Itele

A young lady Bunmi was thrown into the River of Ayetoro to find out if she was truly innocent.. she has been accused of stealing ORISA AIYE of Ayetoro town, The powerful River goddess… This Movie will leave you captivated.

Ikarahun Mi : Apa | Mide Abiodun | Remi Surutu| Motolani Kehinde

A young lady reigns as a queen of her domain, married to power and steeped in darkness. But behind closed doors, she harbours a chilling secret: she is a formidable and merciless sister to her siblings. As her family's bonds are tested, she must confront the shadows of her being in the underworld and the ghosts that haunt her present before they consume everything she holds dear. Find out more.

Ajekunrin1& 2 : | Apa, Peju Ogunmola, Niyi Adebayo, Iya Gbokan

With the fate of both realms hanging in the balance, an enigmatic being navigates dual existences with a mission of utmost importance. As he traverses the mortal world and the shadowy depths below, he grapples with his own identity and purpose, torn between fulfilling his destiny and confronting the demons of his past when his child is born who also poses as a threat to the beings with ancient powers. Find out more.

Seyi Satani - Kenny George | Apa | Tosin Olaniyan | Mimisola Daniels

In a marriage marked by a man's ongoing disrespect for women, a twist of fate takes an eerie turn when he unknowingly ties the knot with a formidable and otherworldly being (Kenny George). As his toxic behavior meets its match in the supernatural, he must confront the consequences of his actions and navigate the haunting consequences of this unusual union.

OLOFIN TOTO - Mercy Aigbe, Wunmi Toriola

When Lolade's husband brought a second wife, Joke, their marriage became a tug of war. It was discovered that Lolade's hands had not been entirely pure throughout their marriage.

Radehun Alapoka - Damilola Omotosho| Tosin Olaniyan| Feranmi Oyalowo

In a village lies an aged woman whose fearful power looms large, her wrath unquestioned and unchallenged. Yet behind her formidable facade lies a tale of pain and tragedy, waiting to be unveiled when her path crosses with two beings whose presence will cast a shadow on her. Find out more.

Abiyamo - Mimisola Daniels |Wunmi Toriola |Kiki Bakare |Adeboye Vicky

A mother, driven by an unwavering love for her only daughter, makes the ultimate sacrifice to secure a brighter future. However, as the time to reap the fruits of her labor arrives, unforeseen twists unravel a poignant tale of sacrifice, heartache, and the profound complexities of a mother's selfless devotion


Four friends struggle to make a living to no avail, they try as much as possible to make ends meet until one of them meets someone who helps him get very rich within three months. His friends beg him to show them the way but the way might end up leading them to destruction.

Omo Ara 1& 2

a young boy with extraordinary abilities becomes a force to reckon with as his words bring chaos to those who dare cross him. However, an act towards a prominent man in society begets an epic battle with a rival who seeks to upend him.


When havoc reigned in the land and peace eluded both the ordinary citizens and the powerful, the quest for permanent peace led to the usual discovery of a boy who can see the future. Did he solve the problem and make peace reign? This is a mystical, and profound story that will keep you glued to your screen.


Four friends struggle to make a living to no avail, they try as much as possible to make ends meet until one of them met someone who helped him get very rich within three months. His friends beg him to show them the way but the way might end up leading them to destruction.

Agogo Aje 1& 2

Tiwalade's marriage to the King comes with a gift that brings an abundance of wealth to her husband's kingdom. Knowing her worth, she begins to misbehave and influences the king into neglecting his senior wives. In order to take back their pound of flesh, the queen conspires against her to teach her a bitter lesson.


A wife becomes a mother to his husband when She is responsible and submissive. At this time, Husband's siblings become uncomfortable and desperate about disciplining the wife for an offence she is innocent about.


Leaving a symbol as its signature, life gets cryptic with a series of bizarre encounters for some individuals in a community who gets haunted by a mystic being. As the police dive deeper into solving this puzzle and taming the mastermind, a hidden world of dark secrets unfolds.

Baoku - |Azeezat Sorunmu | Niyi Johnson | Mide Abiodun | Jamiu Azeez

A young hustler blessed with extraordinary talents is presented with a golden opportunity to stardom when her paths cross with a promising manager ( Debo Adebayo). But little does she know that her fame would require a dark reality and price.

Agbara Aje - | Ronke Odusanya | Murphy Afolabi | Joy Innocent Datowei

Bound by ancient rituals and arcane powers, a secret coven of extraordinary women's world is upturned when a target unwittingly shares a profound connection with one of their members.

Married But Single - Ronke Odusanya | Apa | Zainab Bakare|Niyi Johnson

Basking in the euphoria of their marriage, a newly married man unconsciously returned to his single lifestyle which however creates an unwelcomed atmosphere for his wife. A step to upturn his activities present a life-threatening incident for a backstory to come forth. Find out more.

Jekose - Femi Adebayo | Biola Fowosere | Damola Olatunji

Gbenga brings home a village girl to court before considering her hands in marriage but he's totally dazed when the village girl begins to do things he never expected she would know. This village girl transformed to be a vocalist endorsed by the biggest record label.
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