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THE POLICE REPORT- Bayo Alawaye| Adesuwa Onyenokwe

Hmmm dis is d great pain police report is causing in our country. A movie with a deep massage to the society as a whole. "save life first". Hospitals try to avoid loss of funds thereby causing death and incurring unplanned expenses on the family. And our wonderful police force who never know how important life is. They need to be upgraded with more efficient people. And to be paid well too. A lot of them are very frustrated. Thereby taking it out on the ppl, they are meant to protect. May God help us.

This is a movie that tells a lot about who we are as Nigerians. We neglect the core values of life by implementing a law without guidance and acceptance; we even forgot the fundamental human rights to live, instead we keep creating a callous society without a database! With a database, we could be able to identify individuals living in the society, community, states even in the entire nation. Picture this, after the man got the hospital and was asked for police reports and was able to do that online with the help of an online database, the wife couldn't have died! So the law is really not the issue but its guidance is poorly manifested. Why can't we create a database for all Nigerians and make things easier in our daily lives, even the police, the hospitals, the government, as well as all Nigerians benefit from it.
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