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When Kambili meets Jason she believes she has met the man of her dreams and that nothing could stand in the way of their love… however beneath that cool, handsome exterior lies a cold dark heart or so her brother says. Could that be true? Could he have been lying all along, hiding a dart, evil secret? Find out in this absolutely thrilling action-adventure about what can happen despite the best laid out plans.


Kwame has made all the right moves in his life: a good job, a beautiful devoted wife, an adorable child, and an impending promotion as a senior customs officer at the airport... But what seems like a typical guy hang out on a weekend away from home in the company of his new friend and mentor, Kiki, turns out to be the one wrong move Kwame makes. After losing a game of Chess, he succumbs to a bet to seduce the attractive, sexy Caroline.

THE POLICE REPORT- Bayo Alawaye| Adesuwa Onyenokwe

Hmmm dis is d great pain police report is causing in our country. A movie with a deep massage to the society as a whole. "save life first". Hospitals try to avoid loss of funds thereby causing death and incurring unplanned expenses on the family. And our wonderful police force who never know how important life is. They need to be upgraded with more efficient people. And to be paid well too. A lot of them are very frustrated. Thereby taking it out on the ppl, they are meant to protect. May God help us.

TWO BRIDES & A BABY - Stella Damasus | Oc Ukeje

A couple's wedding rehearsal is faced with trials that must be overcome before the wedding find out more

Husband Beater - Mercy Johnson

wicked mother and daughter find out more


Be careful of who you share your problems with because not every friend that smiles at you and laugh with you is your true friend. Explore this exceptional, hilarious and educative Mercy Johnson Movie. She is called Vero without Nica, an ignorant housemaid who knows and sees everything. "Crazy Palace Maid" A movie you can't afford to miss find out more

Purple Rose - Nse Ikpe Etim| Eddie Watson

Life is full of temptations, but we just have to be strong in the Lord in order to overcome them. Not easy, but with God on your side, you will conquer all demons of lust.

Love Doesn't Have Secrets - "Beautifully Insecure

Alopecia is an Autoimmune disease in which hair is lost. Aww! So emotional... He loved her beyond all insecurities. Be patient, prayerful and have faith. He will find you. God will always send someone who accepts you with all your flaws and imperfections...

Sugar, Spice N' Sauce - GHANAIAN Movie

When Maame reunites with her Adventurous cousin from the states her simple life turns into a whole new experience. There’s a makeover, popular new cliques, parties, cute boys, deceit, flying tempers, music, pain and more. Watch it all here.


Ever wondered what it would be like WORKING with your EX? ‘YOU AGAIN’ is the story of Sophia, a young, well-educated woman who lands a job at a newly launched TV station. What was supposed to be her dream job quickly turns into a nightmare as Sophia finds out that she’ll be co-anchoring the news with her ex-boyfriend Kingsley? The 60-minute romantic comedy follows them as they try to come to terms with the situation and deal with questions left unanswered from their past.

'ONE ROOM' - Rita Dominic

A woman prays for the downfall of her husband, but when it happens, she wonders if it is a coincidence

Prodigal Father

find out more


The movie "THORN" mirrors the unspoken emotions of many people in society today. The mental and psychological struggles inherent in adults, some, a cry for help in medication and attention. Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath. Erratic behaviour is our natural defence against pain. Like a thorn piercing hard through the skin, when you let pain get the best of you, it brings out the worst in you and you might bleed to death as a resultant effect. Many are living but dead in their soul. Many are long dead in spirit but still existing with their flesh. Like a computer, we give out what life has given to us. We are all products of whatever environments we grew and grow from. Thorn journeys through the experience of a once happy and loving family that lost everything in a blink.
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