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Kishi & Kiye - Laide Bakare | Peters Ijagbemi | Kudirat Abiola

Kiishi lets bad advice affect her relationship with her twin sister who loves her dearly. The consequences of her actions may be too grave for her to bear.

Love and Lust - Banke Akinterinwa | Ronke Odusanya | Joseph Jaiyeoba.

The thin line between love and hate is fuelled by deceit in this latest Yoruba movie, following the story of two couples whose marital bliss begets a different reality than bargained for which channels a ripple effect of dangerous secrets with their homes at risk.

Couples 1& 2 Opeyemi Aiyeola | Yemi Solade | Juliet Jatto

Given her addictions to social media, a wife's (Opeyemi Aiyeola) insolence and insatiable character takes a toll on her marriage when she neglects her marital duties. Complications arise when she finds herself at a crossroads when her husband's reaction sets her against her biggest fears. Find out more.

AFEFEYEYE 1& 2 - Mercy Aigbe | Habeeb Alagbe | Debbie Shokoya

Three siblings (played by Mercy Aigbe, Debbie Shokoya and Habeeb Alagbe) have a hailing mother that is cared for only by one, they eventually lost Mama and the battle to bury her unfolds a wide range of drama. AFEFEYEYE is a drama you will enjoy.

Aimokan - Ibrahim Chatta | Bimbo Oshin | Titilola Ajayi

A promising social media influencer is limited to his magic creation with a nagging, controlling and over-possessive wife who soon dims the superstar's light from shining.

Surprise 1&2 -Yomi Fash Lanso | Ijebu | Opeyemi Aiyeola | Alapini

Bound by looming danger, the golden jubilee celebration of a renowned and famous actor takes a dangerous turn when an organised surprise party goes awry and traps well-wishers in a mystic encounter with no way out. Find out more.

Rabi Elewe 1 & 2 - Ireti Osayemi | Sanyeri | Ronke Odusanya

Ireti Osayemi plays the role of Rabi an Illiterate scrooge woman whose desperation for wealth goes toe to toe with Ronke Odusanya, a popular cloth merchant (Rabi Alaso). However, the intervention of their fate birth great fortune but misconduct from one of the duo set a new dawn with dire consequences. Find out more.

Ayegbege - Odunlade Adekola | Kolawole Ajeyemi | Wunmi Ajiboye

Living a chasm of grief, a young family man (Kolawole Ajeyemi) seeks alternative measures to put an end to his impoverished state and remain sharp-edged amongst his peers. In the wake of an unexpected encounter, a dark secret abounds. Find out more.

Ilu Biinu 1-2 :Toyin Alausa | Yinka Salau | Simisola Ladega

A loving husband will do anything for his adulterous wife. When one of her husband's friend dies on their matrimonial bed, she didn't hesitate to move to the next friend.

Aranda Ekun 1 -3: Odunlade Adekola | Femi Adebayo | Bose Akinola

The youths of Ilu Iloro want Morolayo Adunni to represent them in the Senate House but the corrupt King and his cabinet have their own candidate. Unfortunately, they crown Morolayo Adunni the 'Aranda Ekun' Chieftaincy title to cover up their selfish intentions.

Ninalowo 1& 2 -Sanyeri | Eniola Ajao|Femi Adebayo|Luyek Adewale

A laundryman who wines and dinesdindines in poverty gets a life-transforming experience as a money spender until he chew a bitter pie in his benevolence mission. Find out more.

Ajoke Alagbo 1 & 3 - Mercy Aigbe | Lateef Adedimeji | Ronke Odusanya

After years of toiling as a commercial herb seller, Ajoke takes a bolder step to rebrand her personality for fortune but her decision brought her an unexpected surprise. Find out more.

OMG - Wunmi Toriola|Bimbo Oshin|Kunle Afod|Yemi Terry|Dele Odule|Afeez Eniola

OMG... Oh My God!........ When the waves of life and its elements hit so deep that your shield crumbles, can we then say IT IS WELL? This is a true-life story.

Olukoti 1-3 - Saheed Osupa| Odunlade Adekola | Sanyeri

Olukoti, his words are guided by the deities and his parables, an authority that wields so much power beyond comprehension but when his word is trapped upon, it spill more trouble. Are they ready for his wrath? Are the villagers ready for the wrath of Olukoti after his resurrection? Find out more

Aditi 1& 2 - Biola Adebayo | Yomi Fash Lanso | Jaiye Kuti

A lady engaged to be married in a few days opt-out from her marriage preparation with Banjo for Kenny. The consequences of her actions bring her to a crossroads where her decision could either make or mar her for the rest of her life. Find out more.

Ere Oran 1&2 - Azeezat Shorunmu | Smally | Fisayo Abebi |Afeez Owo

This is just the beginning as three siblings have been charged to earth on an expedition. Their daily dealings with people lead to unforeseen happenings. Discover the truth of their mission in this captivating movie

Elebute - Bimpe Oyebade | Lateef Adedimeji | Eniola Ajao

A humble lady and her prince charming, a village hunter are faced with life-changing options from admirers that threaten to put their romantic relationship to a halt. Would their love survive these hurdles?. Find out more.

Iyawo Oosha - Ibrahim Yekini | Seliat Adebowale | Kemi Ajoba

A young maiden ready to experience physical love must first have to deal with her betrothment to a deity. Her pursuit to breach the agreement between them isn't easy as it would cost a life. Find out more.

The Confidant - Ibrahim Chatta | Jaiye Kuti | Bimbo Oshin

Femi loves his wife so much but would rather entrust all his properties and life savings to an outsider. Tables turn when his life is in danger and no one is willing to help but his wife.

Akololo - Ayo Adey Kosh | Tunde Owokoniran | Mary Ajayi

Amidst envy and betrayal after meeting with her long-time friend, Lara's life changed tremendously but her stammering becomes a default to live and enjoy the new opportunity that awaits her. Find out more
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